It is impossible to think about Amanda Zito without thinking about Montana. Her body of work clearly reflects her rural upbringing and down-to-earth attitude by utilizing warm color palettes and natural elements reminiscent of her family’s ranch. Her romantic-realist style is a result of a childhood surrounded by Bev Doolittle paintings. She uses that style to explore themes and feelings of nostalgia, western history, and the relationship between a woman and her motorcycle. Her work is drawn by hand, digitally painted and detail oriented.

She moved to Portland, Oregon in 2010 to attend the Pacific Northwest College of Art where she earned a BFA in Illustration and finished a Tattoo Apprenticeship. Now she works at Latus Motors Harley-Davidson and Triumph and does Freelance Illustraiton.  

She spends her free time driving as far away from the city as humanly possible and pining for home.

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